Zones within the house

With zones in your house you'll be able to listen to different music in each and every zone.  A zone is a room or area you'd like to be able to listen to music.  With zones you can have all or certain one zones playing.  It’s also possible to have them playing different music. To request a quote please summit a service request form.

Wireless with zones

Sonos or Heos streams digital music from the music libraries on your computers connected to your home network.  What's more, it can also share music from a source connected to one of its units — a CD player, iPod, or anything with a headphone jack -- with all of the other Sonos or Heos devices in your home.  

With either of the products, you can stream music to play on your stereo (AV receiver), on powered speakers placed in any room in the house.   

In the past, a whole-home music solution would require in-wall controllers, wall or ceiling speakers and lots of complicated control panels. To request a quote please summit a service request form.

A well-planned wired system that goes in during construction or renovation can add significant value to your home. Wireless systems are becoming far more popular, but some people find a traditional wired system with in-wall controls easier to live with than a system that involves a home network and a smartphone or tablet.  To request a quote please summit a service request form.

Same audio through out the house 

Imagine music flowing through your rooms like light from the windows or cool air from the vents. That's what it feels like when the speakers are built into your walls or ceilings. If built-in speakers aren't for you, you can use compact, self-powered wireless speakers that easily fit on a bookshelf, table top, or kitchen counter.

There are several different ways we install

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