Our most popular remote comes with a touch screen, recharging dock, a wifi option (can go through walls), and can be programmed for up to 15 different devices. We include programming when you buy our remote and training on how to use the remote with your devices, which is incredibly easy. With the touch screen it is as simple as picking which activity you'd like to do. Let's say you want to watch TV, you press the touch screen button that says "Watch TV", and everything you need turns on with the push of one button on one remote.

Remote solutions starting at $79.99

Do you have remotes all over your coffee table? We can help you lose that clutter, whether you buy one of our universal remotes or have one of your own that needs programming. If you're having troubles with your current remote(s) feel free to fill out our service request form and we can send a tech out to help you.

One remote to control everything.  Even through walls.
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